Health & Wellness Coaching


In Health Coaching, we use a lot of the wisdom from within you to determine your goals and action steps.  Sometimes, we will look for, or ask for, support from additional tools. These may be books, apps, websites, articles and I have included some of my personal favorites here.  Just because these are my favorites and or I have seen others use these resources, there is a disclaimer, “this is your journey, and it is just that, your personal journey and you may find that these are not the tools for you.”

Website, App

Calm App is a wonderful support for those of us needing just that, a little Calm in our life, whether morning, noon or night, there is something for everyone. You can use it as an app on your phone, or on a tablet or computer.

Calm is an app and a website for Stress & Anxiety, Sleep, Meditation and it's for all ages!