Here’s what people are saying about me.

I have known Laura Dusha Nelson for over 10 years. She is giving and caring, always putting others first. On the day she married, just prior to the ceremony, I happened to injure my forehead by walking into a low tree branch (outdoor wedding!). With blood dripping down my forehead, I searched for some first aid, Laura came to my rescue, without regard for her white wedding dress.

Laura is a sincere friend and confidant, someone that really takes the time and puts in the effort to get to know a person, and she shows concern and willingness to help in times of trouble. As a result, I have turned to her often for her perspective.
-A Grateful Friend- 

Death Doula. Who ever knew there was such a thing, but as soon as I read that Laura Dusha Nelson was becoming one, I knew I had to talk to her.  Death is so difficult to deal with. For me the death of my beloved black Morgan, Adam was especially painful. I had had him since he was 4 months old. He was the kind of horse people would constantly admire. At the age of 25, I knew I had to let him go and he knew it too. Sometimes the pain is so intense that you can’t talk about it, but just cry. Laura provided a safe and patient space for me to cry and finally talk. Talk about the fact that I felt stuck in grief. She helped me to get unstuck. It’s still a work in progress but I am moving forward. Thank you Laura.     -Working through grief-

Laura is a generous and open person with a calm and grounded presence. Though I have known her for many years, it was not until we attended a workshop entitled A Good Death, hosted by an end-of-life doula and a hospice volunteer, that we began discussing our views around death and dying. Laura is a careful and empathic listener who takes in and reflects upon what she hears.  She is sensitive to the range of individual perspectives and can be trusted to respond intentionally.  I have always admired Laura’s work ethic and commitment to reaching a goal, often taking a risk in the process. Her career and hobbies illustrate her ability to pursue her passions with honesty and integrity. Above all she is kind, compassionate, and trustworthy.  -Death discussions- 

Deep Gratitude for Laura Dusha Nelson. Her patience and compassion is beyond words. Thank you Laura -An appreciative colleague-